Let's Make It Your Fault EP

by Sunset Architect

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released November 7, 2011

Vincent Brown - Programming, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Percussion, Production

Artwork by Vincent Brown



all rights reserved


Sunset Architect Bloomington, Indiana

I make sounds with stuff and it's fun.

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Track Name: Biographies of Houses
Try to think of all the places you’ve been in your life,
Chances are more than half of your time is spent inside,
Walls put in place just to keep you safe,
Memories gather like cobwebs in ceiling space,
Fading growth marks left against the wall,
Could someone so small really imagine growing so tall?
Who was here before? What’s in store from the past?
Who did that? Left tracks across the kitchen floor,
And does it matter that mirror was shattered long before
You ever set foot through that front door?
You may think, maybe, this is your place alone,
But every man’s house was really just someone else’s home.

It’s curious how empty rooms reminisce,
And dream back to their own young days of bliss,
Full and vibrant, when there was nothing they missed,
Just so proud to have a crowd to coexist with,
They recall the times when friends had gathered,
Between their walls was the space that mattered,
But they also remember bad nights within them,
They heard the shouts of anger; would quietly listen,
A hole in the wall in the shape of a fist, then,
I wonder if these rooms know how much I miss them.
Track Name: Laughter Travels Light-years
Very soon now, laughter will begin to arrive,
From other planets out across the cosmic divide,
Little giggles at our world’s petty attempts and basic concepts,
Only now will we hear it far and wide,
The chuckling began early on in our history,
But only reaches us now after light-years of travel,
Other worlds on the ground, rolling with laughter,
And all we can do is scratch our heads, being left baffled,
At the emanating sound coming across the abyss,
What is the meaning of this?
Is there something we missed?
May I suggest, it could be best assessed,
That our eternal unrest might be behind this universal jest?
Transmission lost on a joke over our heads,
But we just laugh along as if a punch-line were said,
There never was one, so a question was replaced,
If this is the human race, then who’s in first place?

To the victors with loyal hands go the spoils,
To the losers with foiled plans, there is only the soil,
Decomposition changing their bodies, back into oil,
To spoil future generations with the fruits of their toil,
It must be addressed; this constant competitiveness,
I think it matters much more than we would care to confess,
Nevertheless, it can be expressed, as an elaborate test,
A relentless game with which we all obsess,
Laughter travels light-years, but cries barely get ten feet,
The sounds of battles won far outweigh those of defeat,
As Wilcox said in “Solitude” and it’s now well-known,
“Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone.”
Try to keep your eye on the struggles ending result,
As you evade others’ assaults and realize your own faults,
And in this war of life, one thing is for sure,
It is your duty to explore yourself and make you yours.
Track Name: The Mudskipper Song
By the time you hear this, my mind and I will have changed completely,
we are never the same person day-to-day as much as we appear to be,
so as you take time to wonder how much you can even trust me,
try to ponder all the ways you become a different person daily.

Track Name: Who Am I?
Who am I?
Is the question that doesn’t die,
Until you do.
Don’t just believe what you’re used to,
Simply because of an education you flew through,
There are a new few, who too seek true view,
Currently courtesy lays idle for urgency,
Use pages of religious texts as currency,
We need more prophets (profits),
And I’m not talking about money,
You think it’s funny,
Cause you’re all comfy?
We’re all so lucky, while others go hungry,
What right do I even have to be grumpy?
Raising the stakes and mental states,
Everyone comes in different colors and shapes,
Kind of like pills, so what affect do you make?